Get help with ETSY

Do you need help with Etsy?

Whether you have 1 sale or 100, or you are just getting started, there is so much to learn about Etsy.

What is SEO? How do I use tags? Should I pay for ads?

Should I offer Free Shipping? What about Shopify?

I have built a successful Etsy business from scratch and now I can help you answer these questions and more!!

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Need a JUMPSTART to get your ETSY shop open?

If you are just getting started and your ETSY shop isn't open yet, my JUMPSTART may be the perfect fit for you. Enrollment is opening soon! Get on the list HERE.

Ready for in-depth, expert ONE-ON-ONE COACHING?

Do you have a LOT of questions about Etsy? Do you need help optimizing your Etsy listings? Have you been googling for help and only found conflicting answers and no real strategy? I can help!


Have you spent hours and hours on your Etsy shop but feel like you're just spinning your wheels? I can take a look at what you have done so far and give you an action plan for what to do next.


Are you far from tech savvy? Do you want to set up shop but don't have time for the nuts and bolts? I can set up your shop for you! I'll do all the hard work for you so you can get right to selling!  (Available for both Etsy and Shopify!)

NOW AVAILABLE: Live event speaker!

I can bring my Etsy expertise to your event! With topics ranging from how to get started, Etsy vs. Shopify, How to navigate Etsy's fees and special programs and how to bring more traffic to your shop, I can formulate a presentation that is perfect for your audience.  Contact me now for pricing and availability. 

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